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60 days FREE audit license

Try 3manager on your next office solutions audit. No Risk only value.

Printer audits made easy

With more than 20 years of experience from the office printer industry, we know that audits can be very demanding in time and in efforts. With dropping margins and an even more demanding market, selling isn't getting any easier.

We designed 3manager to help to get more done in less time and with this free audit, we hope you will see how 3manager can be a valuable tool to use for your audits and even ongoing status meetings.

60 days audit - How it works

During the 60 days, you will have full access to our sales module giving you the ability to benefit from various reports, dashboards and insights.


What you get access to

Everything you need to discover network printers, register volume, create lease + service or MPS contracts, track costs as well insights about how printers are utilized. You can even simulate potential savings using the New Total Cost of Ownership simulator. 



Discovery of printers


Cost tracking


Savings simulator


Raspberry Pi collector


Green dashboard

Included in the 60 days audit
  • Free 60 days license to 1 customer (one time)

  • Overview of discovered printers categorized in manufacturer brands, utilization, and estimated end-of-life

  • Overview of pages printed by manufacturer brand and models

  • Overview of supplies replacements, forecasting, and supplies waste + coverage

  • Overview of the green profile showing how the printing behavior affects the environment

  • Option to add your own conclusions

  • Device list with meter readings and pages printed in the last 60 days

All presented in 1 Excel-based report making it easy and quick to adapt to your own conclusions and recommendations. 

It's easy and fast

The only action you need to do is to install a printer data collector at your client. You can even send an installation guide directly from 3manager to him/her with all relevant information.

Why is this audit free?

We know that our audit report helps to save a lot of time. We hope that you will experience the same thing and hopefully so much, that you decide to keep using 3manager in the future. 

Some few and fair terms

  • Only 1 license is allowed in total for a customer.

  • If you are a reseller you still only get 1 license for free and not 1 per customer. (Please contact us

  • We hold the right to reject a request.

  • After the 60 days, we hold the right to delete the account within 10 days unless agreed otherwise.

  • The free license offer is time-limited and can be terminated at any time.

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