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How to do your Print Audit remote with 3manager

In times where physical meetings are almost impossible, you can still continue with your print audits and ongoing management by utilizing 3manager with your customers. In the below we give our best practise on how to get the most of your remote work:

1. Send the data collector by email to your client

First step is to start the data collection. To make the installation simple we have developed a simple installation guide which you can send to your client directly from 3manager. In that email there will be access to all needed documentation including security documentation and a guide on how to get support. When the data collector is installed you will get a success confirmation in 3manager.

2. Create your Print Audit Summary report

Next step is to prepare the report. If you do nothing it will automatically include all printers in the report. if its for a print audit, then its ok, but if its for a status meeting you might set the filter to "managed only".

3. Wait

Depending on your chosen period let the data collector work. We recommend a minimum of 14 days, but if possible 3-4 weeks.

4. Add your conclusions to the Print Audit Summary report

95% of the print audit summary report is automatic. The only thing you need to do is to add your conclusions based on your findings. By default you get the following overview:

  • Overview of discovered printers

  • Overview of volumes per brand and model

  • Supplies replacement tracking including coverage and toner waste

  • Green profile showing estimated Kwh and CO2 emissions

  • Meter reading report

  • Pages printed report

  • Your conclusion

5. Grant online access to your client, send the report or present the report in an online meeting

Its now time to present your print audit summary report. Support any of your recommendations with the data and if you are sharing 3manager online, then use the dashboard which will confirm your findings.


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