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3manager for end-users

Get an overview of your printers, costs, print volumes and green footprint from one solution. 

Works on all major printer brands

No need to work with multiple tools to create and maintain an overview of your printer operation. 3manager supports all major printer manufacturer brands and centralises all in one solution.

Save time and reduce printer costs at the same time

Understanding your true cost of ownership, printer usage and balance between current hardware and actual need is crucial to make the right decision. 3manager will constantly make sure that you know your true usage, buying needs and costs. 

Printer data presented in a human language. 

We made it easy to get an overview of your printing operations. From a general birds eye perspective to detailed usage. 


Quick insights on how your estimated power consumption + C02 emissions


Overview of your power consumption the last 12 months at a glance


Comparison with the last month for better understanding of your power consumption development.

How well do you utilize your printers?

Printing behavior changes depending on the market situation, growth, organizational changes and much more. However keeping an eye on all printers will consume a lot of time and costs, which is why a tool for daily analysis is needed. This will give you or your printer partner the ability to spend time on conclusions rather data analysis. 

Overview of costs have never been easier

Getting an overview of printer costs can be a time-demanding tasks. Keeping the overview will require almost just as much. This can be automated by managing your contracts in 3manager. Once its created the auto-monitoring kicks in and updates you when attention is needed. 

Quickly identify your trends and if you are moving in the right direction

A printer audit gives you a static her and now overview. But how does it look in 2 months? Quickly download your status reports from 3manager or use the trend indicators. 

Help users stay GDPR compliant with the scheduled to-do tasks and tracking

Users already have a lot to do and staying GDPR adds tasks to an already busy schedule. The GDPR to do feature is designed to help users perform the agreed tasks in a scheduled way. Define the tasks once time, setup your GDPR workflow and 3manager will take of the rest. From sending the reminder to tracking when they are done. 

If you need to document how you are staying compliant, this is a great option that saves time and works automatically. 

It needs to be easy, simple and fast. You need automation and monitoring

3manager is designed to automate as much as possible. This will eliminate the need for hours of analysis or endless number of meetings before you have an overview of the printer status. 

For the daily users simple things as reporting a printer fault should take less than 30 seconds, and toners should be ordered automatically.


For procurement understanding buying needs are just a click a way including estimated new costs. Just to mention a few of the benefits you get by using 3manager.

Collaborate with your service provider and save time

Your printers do need toners and service from time to time. Setup automated supplies ordering to your service partner, so you will receive supplies before you run empty. If you are not supporting your own printers, you can send printer fault alerts directly to your service partner who will be able to proactively take care of the problem. 

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