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90% of all data needed already prepared for you in the 3manager Print Summary report.


Whether you are preparing for an audit or a status meeting, the Print Audit Summary Report will help you out.

Included in the report

  • Equipment overview + detailed lists

  • Tracked volume per brand, model, and device

  • Supplies coverage and replacements

  • Estimated CO2 emissions and savings

  • Conclusion 

Print Audit Summary Report making life easier for printer sales.
With the Print Audit Report you are in control of your audits and status meetings.

Nice printer dashboards are easy to explain


Quickly get an overview of registered devices, brands and models and a score based on actual volume vs recommended volume. 


The Green Profile


With the Print Audit summary report it's easy to understand how the printing behavior affects the environment including estimated savings if some devices are shut down at night.

Quickly understand how your printing is affecting the environment with the Print Audit Summary Report.

The Print Audit Summary Report needs to have an active data collector running. This will feed the report with all the needed data leaving only the conclusion part up to you. 

The report is Excel-based making it really simple for you to continue editing, adapting, updating, or changing anything you want. 

How does it work with your printer management?

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