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Report a printer problem in less than 30 seconds with 3manager QR.

Sometimes printers just don't work and it always happens at the worst possible timing.


Fast reporting is needed to get the process started and keeping users happy.

By using the 3manager QR reporting printer problems have never been easier and faster.


Try it with your smartphone

How does it work?

All devices in 3manager are automatically assigned an unique QR code that can be activated. From here its just figuring out if you want to print it out on a label printer, push it to the display of the printer (depends on the printer model) or stick it to the wall. 

Easy to manage where to send tickets

Do you need to send tickets to different service providers depending on the brand, contracts, etc ? No problem. With flexible automated mappings its easy to alert the right people. 

Show your brand

Promote your own or customer's logo when users are submitting a printer failure ticket. It's easy and makes it more personalized.

No login required for the users

No need to create the users in order to have them report a printer problem. Only requirement is that they have a smartphone.  

If the printer has a display with an Internet browser, you can also add a link to the public website of the printer and they can create a ticket directly from the printer display. 

This will be your logo instead


Choose between typical errors or add your own

To make things easier we added the most common printer problems, however off course you have the option to add your own description or just hello to your service provider. 

All the needed data is sent to the service provider

No need to remember the IP address, serial number or anything else. This is taken care off automatically. 

If you add your email address, a confirmation email is sent and the service provider can easily give you an update. 

Would you like to try it out? get a free 30 days trial

Trial request sent. We will get back to you with further instructions.​

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