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3manager is cloud-based software for better-managed print services

3manager MPS features eliminate time-consuming tasks by simplifying managed print services including supplies management using business intelligence.

Feature intro
Dashboards for managed print services (MPS) and automated supplies orderings.
Solve print management headaches tasks with ease

We made it easier to manage your printers by designing everything with one purpose; To help saving time while growing your business.


Your data will be analysed and presented in beautifully designed dashboard including trend indicators helping to understand if you are on the right track.


3manager software for managed print services will streamline your MPS business and help sales tracking business opportunities.



Boost your supplies and print management

Create automated supplies ordering and track your business as well potential new business using the supplies replacement features. 


The  replacement analytics gives you the insight to track supplies being replaced too early costing you money. 


Stay tuned for even more intelligent print management features, subscribe to our newsletters.



3manager supplies toner ordering management.
Grow and track your print management business with 3manager

Our job is to help you grow your business. To reach that target we have designed many features helping you to react in good time when business opportunities appear as well track your business process on the fly. Would you like to know more? Contact our team for a presentation


Understand your managed print services trends with 3manager business intelligence.
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Print management

Manage the printer fleet in a simple and time saving way. Solve print management needs using innovative and simple tools.

Multi-brand data collection
Track multi-brand network and USB printers using the data collector and print job tracker.
Pages printed tracking
Track pages printed online or subscribe to scheduled reports.
Automated supplies ordering
Get daily ordering lists on supplies items running low and use the replacement analytics to track waste pages.
Automatic meter reading
Get reports on scheduled basis with all counters needed for your internal processing.
Get notified when devices reports any warning or critical alerts including paper jams and supplies low. 
CO2 and KWh tracking
Understand how print behaviour affects the environment
Organize printers
Organize your printers by mapping them to departments, floors, tags, and location. Every structure made makes tracking even more efficient for your print management and audits.
Managed vs. not managed 
Easily filter devices managed by you with the ability to mark a device as managed.
Excellent for tracking status on own devices as well non-managed devices. 
Auto clean up
Work with relevant data by using the life cycle profile feature helping you to auto retire devices no longer active.
Downtime tracking

Track how many hours a device is down using the event logging ability. Get overall conclusions as well detailed information about errors.
Print behaviour tracking

Track document type, size, pages and much more to add even more value to your print audits.  
Personalize recommended volumes 
3manager comes with a default recommended volume which can be changed to support your own recommendations.
Financial management

Track true cost of ownership in a simple and effective way and avoid surprises. Use for audits as well continuous reporting services. Easily document before after scenarios with benchmarking abilities.

Contract management
Track and manage lease and service contracts.
Expense tracking
Track cost by page, contract, department and device.
Total cost of ownership
Track total cost of ownership including remaining payments.
Financial benchmarking
Document savings with TCO comparison on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
Financial alerts
Get alerts when costs are increasing or contracts needs attention.
Billing reports
Use billing reports to specify counters for invoicing.
Business intelligence

Understand buying needs and business opportunities. Track if competitors are increasing customer share before its too late. 

Buying need analysis
Understand actual buying need based on pages printed analytics. 
Price list management
Add devices you would like to sell in 3manager including pricing.
End of life tracking
Get insights about devices end of life by alerts or reports.
Utilization tracking
Know which devices are over- or under utilized by alerts or online.
Success tracking
Track deviations on all levels helping you to understand if strategy and real life is in sync.
Performance tracking
How is business? Track how many new accounts, vendors and devices were added from last 3 months to 3 years.
Promote new device replacements

On all device pages promote the suggested replacement model.
New business simulation
Simulate new TCO scenarios and learn about potential business opportunities.
Knowing the situation is one thing, but is it getting better or worse? Trends will help you understand the direction.

3manager offers varius integrations and besides the flexible export options you can work directly with the following applications. 

Push alerts directly to Zendesk or create manually when needed. See ticket status on all devices.
Use 3manager print data in your Evatic solution to manage supplies orderings. 
Send data from @Remote and use with 3manager business manage-ment features.
Push 3manager counter data to Artis for customer invoicing. 
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