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Are your printed documents handled in a

GDPR Compliant way?

Documents can contain a lot of private information and you need the tools to help users handle printed documents in a compliant way. 

It needs to be easy and effective

Becoming GDPR complaint demands lots of actions and tight ongoing management. Most organisations don't have "print" on the top priority list. 


Never the less, a document with personal information left at the desk or not archived correctly can constitute a breach which can be very costly for the organisation. GDPR does not distinguish between types of archives.


All archive types are included regardless of whether they are electronic or paper-based.

Our target with the 3manager GDPR module is to help users to avoid these scenarios with a simple way of adding a status on the printed documents on a scheduled basis.  Archived, in progress or deleted?

What is the status of the document?

Its a quick GDPR to-do action list

We know there are 100 of things to be taken into consideration when talking GDPR, so for this concern - the handling of the document, our target is to help users stay compliant with simple and fast actions.  

The GDPR module is available with 3manager Essentials

How it works

When, how and what

We call it the GDPR profile. Here you add your users, configure how often they should update their compliance and how to ensure follow-up in good time.

All users will get an e-mail with a link to a secure site with all their printing activity including the ability to mark documents as either in progress, deleted or archived. 

Push start

On request, users can ask to get their print job history either deleted or as minimum anonymised (remove user name and document name). This will be done by the administrator

Forget me

Reports on demand

When needed for audits or internal purposes, export reports showing all users and their compliance acceptance as well printed documents are handled.

High flexibility and automation

The 3manager GDPR module is very flexible when it comes to how acceptance should be done. How often should your users accept? When should the first reminder be sent? Who should be on CC?   


And best of all, when you click start, it's in automation from here. 

Relax and let us do the hard work

Easy to get started

We made it easy to get started with GDPR management on printed documents. A couple of hours and you are up and running.

Need to have users confirm other actions?

Now that you have the users attention regarding their printed documents, you might as well ask them to confirm other needed actions. 

For example: 


  • Remove non-relevant e-mails

  • Clean up on the network folder

  • ... any other action required


The 3manager GDPR module will give you the ability to add unlimited extra actions which make life easier for your users when working with the GDPR compliance. 


In short, this will make user-oriented actions fast and effective.

About 3manager

  • Supplies management (lowest cost in the industry)

  • Device management

  • Contract / cost management

  • Sales / performance management

  • Green management (CO2/Kwh tracking)

  • Procurement needs analysis

  • ... and more  

3manager provides a total software solution for multibrand printer management.


3manager is used by many print providers worldwide because of the wide range of functionality which helps customers as well vendors to gain high value for money and efficiency. Regardless if you are into managed print services (MPS) including total cost management or simply want to manage supplies in an easy way, 3manager can solve the challenges in a time-saving way.


3manager was founded in 2009 in Denmark and is today used worldwide by thousands of private as well public organisations. 


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