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When a device appear offline

Sometimes a device might appear offline in 3manager, even though it's online at the customer site. Several reasons could cause this, so please follow the guide below before creating a ticket with 3manager support.

1. Is the data collector running?

Even though it seems like an obvious check, users often spend a lot of time troubleshooting the network and printers and then find out that the data collector is not running.

Maybe the computer has been shut down, or something happened with the data collector forcing it to stop.

2. Did the IP-address change?

If the IP address has changed, it will no longer be discovered in 3manager, which means it will stop polling the device after a while. If you see a red mark on the device in the data collector (In windows only), it means it's not communicating.

In these cases, check the IP ranges online and compare them with the new IP address. Is it included? If not, add the range to the data collector, and the device will be re-discovered at the next scheduled discovery. You can also restart the service of the data collector at the customer site by searching for the "3manager SNMP agent." The discovery will start instantly.

3. Is SNMP v1-2 or 3 active?

SNMP is the way we communicate with the printer. It will be invisible to the data collector if this is not active. Check if the SNMP is still active and if not, re-activate it.

Also, check the community name and compare it with what's added in the data collector. Often it's using "public", but if something else is added on the printer and not in the data collector, it will not be discovered.

3. Do you have other printers reporting from the same subnet?

This is a test to see if maybe port 161 is closed. If the IP address is, check if you have other reporting printers starting with the IP 192.168.3. if none are reporting, then it could be a network issue.

You can search for the first three parts of the IP address, and 3manager will return all printers.

Did it solve the problem?

If yes, well done! Next step is enjoying a coffee or tea or maybe water. If no, then we need to have a look. We recommend creating a ticket to support who will guide with the needed actions.

Please raise the ticket from the printer page in 3manager or forward the alert which you have recieved to

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