Trouble shooting guide for offline devices

1. Verify that the data collector is running

Go the the account, click settings and data collectors. Here you should see all your installed data collectors. The last report time should be "just now" or at least sometime today depending on your settings. If this is not updated then you need to contact the client and check why the data collector has been stopped.

2. Is the IP address correct and within scope?

Sometimes IP address es change and if you have a very specific discovery ip-range (also referred as an IP-scope) then the device will appear offline after a while.

  1. Verify the IP address at the customer site
  2. Check that the ip-range is including this IP address in the data collector settings
Please note you can also add ranges "from-to" in the text field and if you are using the Mac, Linux or Raspberry Pi version we recommend using the text field for ranges and not the classic "from-to" boxes.

3. Did the SNMP settings change on the printer?

3manager uses SNMP to communicate with the printer. Typically its SNMP v1-2 but more and more we see SNMP v3 being used. Please follow this guide:

  1. Is SNMP V1-2 (or 3) enabled?
  2. Is the community the same on the printer as in 3manager?
Typically we see that the community called Public is used. This is also the default setting in 3manager. If you are not using Public then you need to change that as well in the data collector configuration. You can have multiple communities separated with a comma.

4. Did anything changed in the network. It could be a port issue

For SNMP port 161 and 162 are used, however if this is the case then all devices should be offline in 3manager or at least the devices within a specific scope. If that is the case then you should contact the IT network administrator at the client and ask if port 161/162 are open for that specific range.

5. If none of the above actions worked - try this

Now you need to work a little. If you can get a remote access to the client or if you are at the client site, please follow this guide. Go to the computer where the data collector is installed (The IP address is listed in the data collector overview in 3manager)

  1. Stop the 3manager SNMP service from the Windows services tool. (name: 3manager SNMP agent)
  2. Navigate to the printer agent folder which is located in the following directory: %AllUsersProfile%
  3. Delete the poll.db file
  4. Restart the 3manager SNMP agent service (This will automatically create a new poll.db file)
  5. Check if the device is discovered in the agent. If yes, we can expect it online with next report.
if the device is not discovered it means that the data collector cant see it, and it might be due to security reasons.