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How to manage an audit remotely.

We are getting more and more questions about how we can assist our partners around the world with a good way to do online print audits using 3manager. The advice we have been given can be used by anyone using 3manager. We have summed it down to 5 points:

1. Introduce and show it

The first step is showing how the the print audit will work by demonstrating how printer data will be collected and presented online. This will make it clear and transparent how things will work and how recommendations are made.

2. Collect data

Days where the life counter was divided with the estimated age are over. No company are using printers the same way today as for 4 years ago. Data is needed over a minimum period of time which represents the real world. Best practise is one month, but it can vary from customer to customer.

3. Share it

3manager is an online tool made for collaboration between people. We recommend giving access to key people from the audit team and the client, as it will be much easier when it comes to getting questions answered.

For example, all printers up for consolidation could be tagged with "consolidate" and it would be easy for the customer to make a note if that is possible or not based on internal knowledge and IT policy.

4. Present it online

Using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting or any other online meeting tool, present your findings online by using 3manager directly. Prepare your views so its easy to walk through your findings. Another suggestion is to use the Print Summary report which gives you a framework you can follow with ease and add your recommendations.

5. Manage the project

The target is to help your client optimize their printing environment. This means you can easily start the project for each printer and track the progress with the management options available in 3manager. This will make it easy for your client to know where you are in the process as well as make sure all data is stored in a central place, available for the entire team involved.

If you would like to know more about how 3manager can help you with remote print audits, contact us at

Thank you for reading,

The 3manager team


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