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Not enough time to give customers the right service and attention... what to do? 🤷🏻‍♂️

When we are educating our users, one of the most discussed topics is "time". The claim is that there is simply not enough time to manage all clients 100%.

We want to manage all customers good and give them all a perfect user experience !

Problems with dropping margins and demanding selling cycles are that you need to work a lot harder in order to reach budgets and that creates a bottleneck situation when it comes to taking care of all clients.

Some of the reasons are:

A totally different buyers journey today compared to previouslyAccess to online resources making procurement managers much more informedTechnology helping procurement managers to perform some of the tasks internally.

In the beginning of any customer relationship, the client is very happy, but after a while, the account managers focus is now dedicated to someone else requiring a lot of time and it begins to fade out in time.


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