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Printer management software needs to be self running and intelligent.

Printer management can take a lot of time and it's probably not on the top 5 of your to-do list. Printers should just work, expenses should be fair and consume as little time as possible.

Given the fact that managing printers takes a lot more time than you have, the best advice to give is:

Start utilizing your data much more.

Start tracking your printing behavior which will give you much better insights into your procurement needs, costs, and opportunities for optimization.

The keyword here is automation, you should only spend time on conclusions and not crunching numbers in Excel.

Its the exact same thing as Google does for websites. You need a tool to understand the data in order to understand your needs.

At 3manager we are experts in printer data and transforming that into a human language anyone can understand.

  • How green is your printing behavior?

  • Do you trend in a good or bad way?

  • What kind of printer need do you have?

  • Can you save money?

Combined with contract management, you are becoming a black belt printer manager with a constantly updated overview of your printing operations.

Why not try 3manager for free which gives you a lot of data you can use to get insights about your printing.


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