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The out-of-the box experience with a simple installation

Time is in short demand, so how to make the most out of it? Working with conclusions rather just data is the first thing. Excel is fun, but not that fun to work with for hours every day.

We have worked hard on automating the boring stuff with 3manager which is why we are very happy to introduce you for all the things you get by just installing a data collector.

  • Overview of multi-brand network devices

  • Track pages printed by device, brand, model and even age (launch date)

  • Supplies replacements (how many supplies replaced including leftovers)

  • Downtime and critical errors

  • Device utilization (actual usage vs recommended volume) including trends

  • Replacement recommendations (If a device should be replaced with a new one, what to buy?)

  • ... and more.

All data is presented in beautiful dashboards ready to support your actions.

Share it with your customers

3manager has the ability to share some of the data with your clients, so they always have access to their own data. (Choose between different access options)

Want to know more? Try 3manager for free or get in contact with our team.

The 3manager team


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