• Henrik Lundsholm

Using filters to discover business opportunities

Over the years we have received many requests for various kind of reports involving all kinds of filtering, all with the same goal:

To create relevant knowledge for relevant projects.

Today, we would like to introduce some newly added filters to the equipment + supplies dashboard and reports including examples on how to use them.

Regardless of your role it will help you with fast and conclusive data which makes any decision making quicker and better:

For supplies:

  • Show all devices which are marked as managed but not mapped to a supply ordering report.

  • Show me toner waste on "my managed printers"

  • Show me which of my customers have the highest toner waste

Use filters to get the exact information you need in order to secure optimal supplies management and costs optimisation. For device managers

  • Show all devices which are marked as managed but not mapped to a contract

  • Show all devices which are discovered within last 30 days

  • Show all devices with a life count higher than ...

Use filters to get the exact information you need to make sure your operation is running optimal and devices are correctly structured/mapped as planned. For management

  • Understand your fleet progress in any period requested using intuitive dashboards and overviews

  • Learn which brand is increasing the most

  • Understand your overall business potential with the ability to drill down into details.

For account management

  • Create any filter which you define as a business opportunity. Example: colour printers with a high utilisation and end of life within 6 months which are not on contract.

  • Schedule your business filters as reports. (Lead in your inbox)

  • Use as a natural part of your status meetings to highlight projects for your customers that need attention.


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