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How to manage service-related alerts and reports in 3manager.

Manage your device notification escalations using automated monitoring and the QR code for manually made tickets. Always stay on track with all alerts and much more with the equipment service dashboard.


Send alerts to the correct destination depending on the severity level.

Field service or not?

Maybe you need to send tickets from some devices to one service provider and other tickets to different service providers.

With 3manager, you can create as many alert profiles as needed, ensuring that the proper alert notifications are sent to the right destination

Automation and business rules.

Send tickets only requesting field service to the service provider.

Even though a printer claims to have a critical error, it might be something the user can fix without involving the service provider.

When the printer doesn't know, it has an error.

Sometimes the printer has an error invisible to the data collector. This could be poor quality when printing, or maybe it's making a funny noise.

To make sure the ticket creation is as quick as possible, we introduce the use of QR codes.

If a printer or MFD has an error, the 3manager data collector will register it and start the workflow.

If the ticket requires field service support, the service provider will be notified directly.

If it's a simple error such as paper out or paper jam, the internal contact person will be notified first.

Filter on demand
Manage printer alerts in 3manager.

The powerful filtering makes it easy to design the exact view needed. Simply save it and its ready to be used for online viewing or scheduled reporting.

All data is shown in beautifully designed dashboards. Manage your printers in a new and more productive way with 3manager.
Quick access to event logs

Before sending any technical support, diagnose the printer by accessing the event logs collected on an hourly basis. 

Historical events on all printers
All data is shown in beautifully designed dashboards. Manage your printers in a new and more productive way with 3manager.


Get fast access to detailed and historical events on every device for troubleshooting purposes. Choose to download reports for 1 device only or all devices at the customer before sending a technician. There might be other issues you can fix while visiting the client.

Filter by critical errors, paper jams or any other issue of interest and quickly understand if other devices need support.

Take your print management / managed print services (MPS) to the next level with 3manager.

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