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Using 3manager for supplies management


Get your supplies ordering when needed with ease.

Choose how often you want to receive your supplies ordering

Choose your desired threshold of interest. In example 20% or less than 10 days left.

Map your devices using simple yet powerful filtering option.​


Avoid shipping toners too late or way too early.

Avoid sending supplies too late by using the day's left estimations.

Avoid sending toners too early if they still have many days left. That toner will probably disappear before used.

Optimise logistics by adapting to your specific needs.


Track actual supplies replacement with a few clicks or as a scheduled report.

Learn about future needs using the supplies forecasting intelligence.

Understand your clients supplies behaviour and quickly identify where to put focus to optimise profits with the supplies analytics.



Become your own expert with supplies analytics.


Top 5 customer experiences 

  1. Higher profits because of better waste toner tracking

  2. Better logistics planning because of days left functionality

  3. Easy to document actual replacements for invoicing

  4. Perfect for audits and finding new business opportunities 

  5. Reduces time drastically when in need of specific data 


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