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3manager Essentials

Printer management services made easy

Get access to all features needed to get started with printer management and print audit. The multi-brand data collector makes it easy to discover and manage printers of any brand.  

All data is shown in beautifully designed dashboards. Manage your printers in a new and more productive way with 3manager.

Using printer data intelligently

With Essentials, our goal is to make it easy to manage printers and supplies. Using intuitive dashboards, reports and business intelligence, it has never been easier to get started as well make optimal decisions based on good data.

When there are no computers to use, why not think of a Raspberry Pi? Data collection works from here too.

The 3manager data collector can be deployed on a Raspberry Pi which is perfect for serverless offices. Avoid installing the software on multiple laptops. Save the time and use the Raspberry Pi option instead. It's better, cheaper and more efficient. 1 Raspberry Pi can easily manage hundreds of printers or MFD's. 

The Green Office

Understand how your current printing behavior affects the environment by utilizing the GreenProfile dashboard.

Features overview

Data collection

Discover network devices with the data collectors updating your account on an hourly basis. All data presented in dashboards and available for scheduled reporting. Multi-brand printer management support. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux (x64), and Raspberry Pi.

Effective printer management

Organize laser printers or multifunctional devices effortlessly with automatic mappings and workflows. Reduce the risk of errors by using automation besides reducing time consumption.

Supplies ordering + forecasting

Get your toner and ink orderings by e-mail or FTP in various formats and options including forecasting and days left calculations. Sending toners just in time and avoid toner waste just got much easier. (USB printers are not included in supplies ordering)  See introduction video

Supplies analytics

Understand your toner, ink and suppies consumption behavior in a new way with the supplies analytics dashboard giving you insights fast and effective. The powerful filtering will help you improve supplies profits / eliminate toner waste.

Toner waste tracking

Easily identify toner and ink waste in the supplies dashboard or get notified if a toner was replaced with more than 5 % left (or any other value you want to use)

Reporting / export

Schedule meter reading reports or pages printed report by email and various formats with a few clicks. Download reports on demand or get them by e-mail.

Alert notifications

Get notified when attention is needed. The alert profile makes sure to contact you when needed. For example devices with critical alerts or when a new device has been discovered on the network. Read more about service alerts here

The Green Office

Understand how customer printing behavior affects the environment with a dedicated green profile dashboard showing the most CO2 producing device, department including a monthly benchmark.

Print job tracker

Essentials include a lite print job tracking feature, giving you the ability to track user print activity and give you a whole new way of understanding how printers are being used. This also gives an overview of USB attached printers. Supplies tracking on USB printers are not available.


Connect 3manager with HP SDS, Evatic, Zendesk or Artis or ask for custom integrations depending on your needs.

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