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Manage your Print Audit remotely with 3manager

In times where its difficult to meet clients onsite and perform a print audit, we are happy to share 3 simple steps on how to utilize 3manager 100% remotely. 

1. Start the print data collection Installation. We made it easy

The first step is to start the printer data collection so you have data to work with. We have done this very easy by preparing the instructions in an email you can send directly from 3manager:

3manager Print Data Collection made simple.

The client will receive an email with all the needed documentation and guides.

Let your client install the 3manager print data collector themselves.

After the installation, the data collector will show as online. The installation is now done and data is being collected.

3manager Print Data Collection update.

2. Prepare your Print Audit report

While the data collector works, create a new Print Audit report so its ready to be presented online to your customer. In the report you will get the following topics automatically:

3manager Print Audit Summary report for fast and simple audits.

Table of content:

  • Overview of discovered printers

  • Volume per brand

  • Volume per model

  • Supplies analytics (coverage, waste)

  • Green Profile (Kwh / CO2 estimations)

  • List of all devices (meter readings)

  • Pages printed report

  • Conclusion (Add your own recommendations)

Track CO2 and KWh usage with 3manager Print Audit Summary Report.

3. Present online or send the report by mail

Depending on the situation you might prefer sending the report or present it online or a combination, so you client has the time to read your conclusions before the meeting and note any questions. 

By organizing an online meeting you will also benefit from the built-in dashboards presenting your audit data in a simple and intuitive way. 

3manager Online Dashboard for Managed Print Services and printer administration.

Would you like to try out 3manager? Get a free 30 days license for your next audit 

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