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5 Quick tips on how to work remote with your printer management and audits using 3manager

Work remote using 3manager

In this short article I want to give you some quick tips on how you can keep your process running using the remote options in 3manager including som extra tips:

1. Installation

Use the "send instructions" option which will send an email to your contact person with all needed information including an installation guide and security documentation. In case the client needs any help, you have access to remote support systems such as Teamviewer, AnyDesk or similar tools)

2. Screensharing

You probably have an online meeting tool such as Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting or any other. Book the meeting online, share your screen and show 3manager the same way you wanted if you sat in front of your client.

3. Give access to 3manager

3manager is designed for team collaboration. Enable the end-customer access and configure what should be shared. This will reduce the need for meetings as well because you can login and be updated 24/7.

This option will also enable more email communication making it more flexible to answer questions without having to setup a meeting.

4. Create a video/podcast

If you need to present something and its difficult to find the time, and screensharing is not an option, consider the options of recording your screen while presenting your findings and then send it to your client. In that way they can view it when they have time and get back to you. Its a great way to keep the dialouge running. Videos are much more effective than leaving a long voice mail or having to read a long document.

5. Remote diagnostics

All errors with printers which can be fixed using a browser, can be fixed remote. With a remote support tool you can access the devices with ease. When working on the customer network open 3manager and from here click the "open website" and you have access to the printers own web interface.

In the event log on each device you also have an overview of all reported events/errors from each printer. This will help you with diagnostics. For some manufacturer brands you have options to do remote diagnostics directly from 3manager with having to use a remote support tool.

There are so many ways that we can keep the process running even without having to meet physically. Thanks for reading and take care.

All the best,

The 3manager team


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