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It doesn't matter how green your printer is if the user behaviour is not optimal.

This article will cover 2 topics which both affect the ability to be "green". Using our own software analytics and customer case studies we have highlighted our own findings.

Today, printers have a very little kWh usage when sleeping, in standby or printing. It's great for the environment in theory.

I compare this with the car being able to drive 35 km per liter of gas. In theory, this is possible as well, but how often does that happen? Well, for me never, but that's a different thing and probably something to do with my right foot. So it's up to the user!

--> Back to the printers.

If its a laser printer, it needs to heat up every-time someone prints. If you have configured the printer to go to sleep after a short time, you will risk adding too many heat-ups depending on your printing usage pattern.

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About 3manager:

3manager develops software that analyzes printer data and transforms it into human language for better understanding and decision making. Designed to make printer management life easier for the user as well the vendor.


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