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Manage printer optimization actions directly in 3manager.

Say goodbye to time consuming tasks when creating overview of upcoming printer replacements.

With the new update for 3manager Audit, you will be able to add needed actions and plan dates on any printer and manage it all from the equipment dashboard.

If you are managing printer procurement or performing audits for your clients, this feature will make life easier when it comes to keeping track of actions.

For print providers, this feature will work on top level and down, meaning you will get an overview of all future printer replacements from 1 simple view.

For companies using 3manager to manage printers, this will make sure you always are in the loop when it comes to any printer optimization task.

Want to learn more about how 3manager Audit will help your printer procurement / optimization? Book a presentation here.

If you are already using 3manager, we recommend visiting the learn portal and take the online course so you can get started.

Stay safe.


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