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When dealing with a smart office.

The modern workplace is evolving and the days of closed-door cubicles and private offices have been replaced by a variety of different office installations.

Flexibility is a key concept in the management of offices, and modern businesses have to try to appeal for a much more dynamic working environment than before. Having an agile and smart workplace has many advantages and some of the cornerstones of agile and smart work are hot-desking, smart booking of rooms, indoor navigation and analysis of utilization.

The smart office concept requires software tools that make the meeting rooms and desks available easy to find, book and navigate.

But it's much more than that. Its not only internal workflows which gets affect, also business partners needs to adapt to the smart office culture.

Photo by John Towner

In our industry (office printer management) we see the need for even more intelligent software.
  • Serverless offices requires IoT devices for data collection

  • Offices are located all over the world so deployment needs to be easy and fast, bringing back the IoT talk

  • Software should be able to discover procurement needs and monitor utilisation regardless of time zones, country or people availability.

  • Audit reports should be available fast in order to identify reasonable "symptoms" to justify spending more time on a project. (project scoring)

  • As printers and supplies are sold with a very little margin audits, workflows and reporting needs to be as automated as possible so the solution team can present an optimal solution without having to spend days on crunching numbers and scenarios.

Not using smart software/business intelligence can set you back in the speed of delivery time, costs and lacking resources and problems getting access to your clients as they are busy as you.

Ever heard the "I don't have time for this now". Well by using smart office printer management tools you don't need to have the time anymore as data will work for you and your client can spend time on it if it's justified.

With 3manager we help customers as well solution providers to utilise data in a much more efficient way, making decision making much faster and better but in less time.

An example of working with smart companies is the HP SDS integration making it possible for customers to get a fast time-to-fix by utilising the integration between HP SDS and 3manager smart office printer management tools. This reduces waiting time drastically and its good for the customer, partner and the expenses related for normally sending a technician.


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