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Printing with a Purpose: Planting Trees with Every Page

With each page, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to global reforestation, bringing your business closer to CO2 neutrality.


Join us in realizing sustainable printing today.


Where would you like to plant the trees?

Choose between your favorite projects and the Printreleaf integration will take care of the rest.

It only takes a few minutes to get started

Simply contact your provider to get started. You can also contact 3manager directly and we can assist.

Why planting trees matters

Maintaining and expanding the world's forests is crucial for tackling global climate change, and your business can contribute to this solution.

Trees serve as critical homes for wildlife, combat erosion, safeguard our water sources and natural resources, and capture atmospheric carbon.

Reforestation initiatives play a key role in achieving several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, including:

- Ending poverty

- Promoting health and well-being

- Ensuring quality education

- Providing clean water and sanitation

- Fostering economic growth

- Building sustainable cities

- Taking climate action

- Conserving life on land

- Encouraging global partnerships.


How it works

3manager sends the data

The 3manager integration will autoamtically send the needed volume data which is processed at Printreleaf and the planting process starts.

Sustainability Dashboard

Every customer can utilize their PrintReleaf dashboard to choose preferred projects, obtain certificates, monitor their advancement, and access additional features.

Project Selection

Merge biomass and carbon offsets, then browse through a variety of global projects to decide where and how to create a meaningful impact.

Environmental Impact Certificates

Each offset issued comes with a certificate for customers, including both Lifetime and Annual certificates that are regularly updated.

CSR Reporting

Communicating your commitment to environmental sustainability and tracking your progress is crucial for stakeholders to comprehend your investments.

Public Profiles

Effortlessly showcase your sustainability progress and positive environmental impact through your public-facing PrintReleaf Profile and the PrintReleaf Partner Directory.

Social Media Kits

Your guidebook on engaging with customers and networks to demonstrate the positive impact you're making.

PrintReleaf Privacy Policy

The Policy explains how data is collected, used, and disclosed by PrintReleaf. Learn more.

Proof of reforestation: Certificates available online and e-mail

Certficates are generated automatically and sent to your e-mails every month. You can also download them upon request when needed.


Thank you, we will get back as soon as humanly possible.

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