Manage Your Printers with HP SDS and 3manager

What is HP SDS? Grap a coffee and check out this video. Works with 3manager.
SDS Introduction

Monitor office printers with HP Smart Device Services without leaving 3manager.

HP Smart Device Services enables remote printer management at a completely new level making it possible to:

  • Update firmware

  • Reboot

  • Get event logs

  • Remote troubleshooting, diagnostics and recommended guides for fixing

  • Track historical supplies replacements

  • Track supply levels instantly

  • Change settings of low indicators on printers

  • Access the EWS (embedded web interface)

  • Save time by pushing the configuration directly to your HP printers from 3manager

All done remotely and directly from the 3manager user interface. 


Why HP SDS and 3manager

With HP SDS you will be able to reduce time-to-fix dramatically as you can practically perform all actions needed from 3manager without even calling the client or scheduling an online support session. This means that you not only reduce time consumption but also costs for transport to fix problems which don't require a technician to be at the office.




  • Reduce time-to-fix

  • Reduce configure time using mass-deployment

  • Reduce costs

  • Avoid sending technicians unnecessary

  • Increase customer satisfaction with fast responses and fix time

  • Combine with 3manager to combine remote capabilities and smart office printer management

  • Boost your preventive maintenance



It's all about speed and preventive maintenance

Customers don't like to wait. With HP SDS they dont have to

HP SDS is made for customers as well as partners to become more lean and streamlined when it comes to the management of printers.

For example, from the dashboards, you can quickly identify HP printers that have errors.


With the SDS integration, it's easy to understand what and how to fix.

Easy to get started

Activate HP SDS in just a few clicks in 3manager. Login to SDS is not needed as the feature are available in the 3manager interface.

The printer shows the error and HP SDS shows the solution

When a printer reports an error, the 3manager data enables your technician to diagnose before visiting the customer and make sure that the problem is solved the first time instead of having to visit the customer multiple times.


Become an expert in HP troubleshooting with a click.  For every error code received the HP SDS shows recommend fix options including detailed guides and video examples.

HP SDS 3manager. Get How To Fix recommendations for printer problems fast.
Who is HP SDS for?

3manager with HP SDS is for HP Partners, resellers and printer maintenance companies, who wish to provide smart maintenance services on HP printers.


Preventive maintenance using HP SDS and 3manager

With HP SDS and 3manager, you get the ability to offer preventive maintenance using the HP SDS functionality combined with the business intelligence from 3manager. 



Supported HP office printers


The firmware of your HP printer defines the SDS features supported. Download the HP SDS whitepaper here


Would you like to more about how 3manager software can help to automate time demanding tasks when it comes to printers, feel free to try out the free trial or book a meeting with one of our consultants


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