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Integration of HP SDS Cloud DCA into 3manager

HP dealers can now remotely manage and monitor HP devices without having the traditional JAMC collector installed directly from 3manager.

We are happy to announce the support and integration of the HP SDS Cloud DCA into 3manager. This will make life a lot easier by not having to install yet a new data collector on the customer's network.

Starting from Futuresmart version you can now monitor and manage your HP printers in a simple yet very powerful way.

Why HP SDS Cloud DCA?

There are many advantages to using the HP SDS Cloud DCA as it reduces the risk of devices not communicating because of a data collector going offline.

Other benefits are performance. When performing bulk changes on many devices the load was high on the JAMC collector. With the HP SDS Cloud DCA, each printer takes care of its own process making it much more fast and reliable.

All features are available as you know today like:

  • Reboot printer

  • Upgrade firmware

  • Get logs

  • Get how-to-fix guides

  • Predictive analytics including time-to-failure estimations

  • Overview of tools and spare parts needed

  • Estimated time-to-fix estimations

  • Supplies monitoring

  • Supplies replacements

  • .. and much more.

How to get started:

The HP SDS Cloud DCA is available in the account integration overview. Here you activate the HP SDS integration as well as download the onboarding tool, that is needed to connect the HP printers to your 3manager account.

After the printers have been connected you can uninstall the onboarding tool and the printers communicate directly with 3manager.

For more information on how to get started look here:


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