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Right sizing of the printer fleet requires data

Back in the days many decisions were based on few tests and limited analysis. We simply didn't have the same insights and data availability as today.

It was way to complex, time demanding and expensive to produce.

Those days are over, as we have data collectors which do exactly what they say: They collect data. However data is worthless if not processed!

How would you respond to these facts:

  • 2% of your printers have printed so much that they are considered "end-of-life"

  • 15% of your printers are printing more than recommended

  • 44% of your printeres are printing less than 25% of monthly recommended volume

  • 39% of your printeres are used as intended

Collecting data constantly but automatically is key when you are about to right size your printer fleet whether you are an MPS provider or end-customer managing your own printers.

Having months and years of data will give you the power to ensure optimal procurement and most value for money.

Data will ensure you an ongoing balance in the printer utilization, and make sure that load balancing is as optimal as possible and new procurements are easily done as you always know exactly what you need.

3 tips:

  1. Reduce the number of models to as few as possible. For example 1 for color multifunctional and 1 for mono. (If the price is not remarkable higher for the color, then why not just have 1 color multifunctional model? )

  2. Do you really need A3? ... well if you have the data you would know, but according to our analytics its not that highly used. If its needed, why not add just 1 device with that capability. (Yes, people with have to walk a bit longer but its good for their health and the environment :-) )

  3. Utilize intelligent software better. Setup rules which will notify you when something needs attention. For example expenses are increasing or a printer is suddenly performing a lot more than usual. Its proactive and you get to fix the problems before its too late (or.. too expensive)

Thanks for reading and have a great day. If you want to learn more about how you can optimize your printer management using data feel free to contact us.

All the best

The 3manager team


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