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How to know if it's a good business case or not?

How to define business opportunties with 3manager Sales Intetelligence

We could start by asking the following question: What defines a good business opportunity? 

If you ask 10 different people you probably get 10 different answers and every answer is good. 

The challenge is actually not defining them, it's finding them.

In this newsletter, we will talk about how you can use 3manager to spot business opportunities quickly, so you can spend time on qualified projects rather than having to turn every rock. 

All the best 🙏🏻

Henrik Lundsholm Founder, 3manager


1. Start with your business definitions

What defines a good business opportunity for you? Grab a pen and paper and write all the ideas down. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Printers which are over utilized

  • Printers which have printed more than 400.000 pages in total

  • Printers on contracts which are up for termination within 6 months

  • Printers with a high toner waste

  • Printers which are not on a contract

  • Color printers with a yearly volume higher than 20.000

  • Printers which are not marked as managed but prints more than 20.000 per year

  • ... Just to mention a few.

2. Create the filters

Now its time to convert your definitions into actual filters in 3manager. The goal is that you get a list of all clients and devices which meet those definitions you just made in step 1. Make sure to save your filters, so it's easy to re-use at a later time. 

3. Start the automation and get leads in your inbox 

Now you have created the filters which will show you a list of all the clients and devices meeting your definitions. The next step is to automate it by scheduling a report which will be sent to you daily, weekly or whenever you like to receive it.

This means that when there is a printer that meets your required definitions, you will be notified by email. 


By spending a little time to make the right definitions for cases you prefer working with, 3manager will save you a lot of time in the future, by finding all clients and printers meeting those requests automatically. 

It's all about utilizing the power of smart software and data in a new way, which will boost your productivity and reduce time consumption at the same time. 

If you have access to 3manager we recommend creating your filters today and start working with qualified leads as fast as possible.


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