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Online / remote audits in Corona times

Let's face it, Corona has changed the way we do business and the consequences of this will echo for a long time.

In our line of business, it means that status meetings are managed online and technical issues are solved remotely as much as possible.

But what about the print audits which is the trigger for any new project and new business?

How to do a print audit remotely without taking too much administration time from the customer?

Depending on the company size things can be managed differently, however, we believe it can be achieved, even easier and faster than the good old way. How?

  • Use software for data collection and printer utilization measurements.

  • Define the actual need vs current printer capacity based on the collected data.

  • Segment data by departments and locations.

  • Make a simple overview showing what they have today and what's needed in the future.

  • If it's a bigger company organize online interviews with a user per department to verify the technical needs.

  • Present your findings for your customer.

The most important is to team up with your partner and have a transparent process. By granting access to your print audit system, as for example 3manager, you are then working from the same perception of data. This will remove any doubt about what is the current problem and how to solve it.

For the account manager as well the customer it requires a software solution that is easy to use, intuitive/logical as doesn't need any explanation.

For existing 3manager clients we recommend using the end-customer access option. Customize the access to avoid showing data of non-interest. From here invite them by mail and they will be able to follow the process.

If you are not using 3manager already, then we recommend using 3manager for your next audit for free. Fill out this form to get started.

Thank you for reading.

The 3manager team.


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