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Get Started with Automatic Print Supplies Ordering.

This guide will help you get ready for automatic supplies ordering. Below are a few necessary configuration steps to ensure that supplies orders end up at the correct location. If you don’t have access to Prisume - please contact your supplier to register as “a user” and then follow the steps below.

Choose the link that suits your interest or scroll down and follow the procedure in the recommended order.

Log in to Prisume so that you see the menu reflected as in the screenshot below. If you operate with different groups of customers, you must choose (click on) a group before you click on "New customer". Later, you can easily move the customer around by clicking on "Associate".


Click on "New customer" and fill in all fields incl. addresses, country etc.

Kunde Adgang

2. Give the Customer Access (Concerns dealers only)

If the customer wants to get access to data, this can easily be done by activating the "end customer module which then opens a menu on the left side called "Team".


Here you can create one or more users. When created, the user/s will automatically receive a” welcome”-message and the option to generate a new password. A user is created by clicking on "New user"


3. Configuration of The Data Collector

DCA Konfiguration

Before installing the data collector, it is recommended that you enter the relevant IP-ranges where the printers are installed.


The customer's IT administrator will receive the necessary information to be entered under settings - Data collector. (A data collector is automatically generated when a customer is created. Additional collectors can easily be installed if necessary and if the customer has several separate networks).

We recommend using the fields below as you can easily copy IP-ranges from Excel.

DCA Download

4. Download the Data Collector

Depending on whether you, or your customer, make the installation you can choose between several options.

1. Download directly from the application by clicking "download" in the upper right corner


2. Send an installation email to a contact person who can then install the data collector.


3. Visit and download the version you want directly. Remember to copy the location ID from your Prisume account online or via email.

DCA Install

5. Installation of The Data Collector

The customer should now have received an installation guide and an email for access to an online portal where you can download and install the data collector. This will scan your network within the specified IP-ranges and begin monitoring the printers so that Prisume detect the toner levels and the alarms.

After downloading the collector, double-click on the installation file and follow the guide. When the installation is complete, you will be asked for an ID which is included in the email you received, as well as online from where it can be copied.

AFD oprette

6. Create Departments and Several Delivery Addresses

To ensure that toners and other accessories are being sent to the right location, it is important that Prisume “knows” all addresses and possible departments. Under "Settings" there is a menu called "Account". Check that the address, postal code, city, and country are filled in correctly.

In case of departments with different delivery addresses, repeat by clicking "Settings" and select "Departments" and then click "New Department".


When adding multiple departments, addresses, postal code, city, country must be filled in in the same way as above. Tick the box labeled "Supplies delivery address" next to the address to which the supplies should be delivered.


TIP: If you have many departments, you can click "Download" to receive an Excel file to be filled in (or copy/paste from another existing sheet) and then import it back into Prisume.

AFD Tilknyt

7. Assign Printers to Departments

Now it's time to couple the printers with their respective departments. This is easily done by clicking “Dashboard" and then "Devices". Scroll down to the list of printers. It is recommended that you select the "Default" view.


Mark the units that belong to the department you want to couple and select the department from the "Associate department" drop-down menu. Printer and supplies will be coupled which will show on the list. NOTE! Supplies for printers without attachment to a department, will be sent to the address specified under "Settings -> Account".


If you have divided your departments with unique IP-ranges these can be specified and the printers will automatically be coupled with the department according to their IP-address. If a printer is manually assigned to another department, it will remain there.


8. Last step – Mark printers as “Managed”

As a final step, you need to mark the devices as "Managed" for being added to your supplier's automatic supplies fulfillment service.

This is done almost in the same procedure as in point 3, but here you simply select the "Manage"-button and then proceed as in step 3.

Go to "Dashboard -> Settings" and scroll down to the list of printers. Select "Default view", if not already visible. Either mark “all printers” (with one click) or select the printers you want to make “active”. Then press the "Manage"-button.


That's it! The configuration is now completed, and you are ready for automatic supplies fulfillment.


9. If printers are offline / retired in Prisume

If a device is marked as either offline or retired in Prisume, but its online at the customer site, it can be caused by several reasons. Please follow the trouble-shooting guide below before contacting support:

Is the data-collector running?

Click the "account - Settings - Data collectors" and check if it says "Just now" in last report. If its not running, then often all devices are offline. Restart or re-install the data-collector if needed.

Is the IP address of the printer included in the discovery IP-ranges?

Ensure the IP address is included in the IP-discovery settings, which reflect the printer's latest known address. If the IP address is outside the current range, update the settings to include the new range for the next discovery cycle. If the IP address is correct but issues persist, verify with the customer if the IP address has been changed at their site.

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