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Simplifying Printer Management
and Transforming Efficiency for Dealers, Consultants, and End Users

Reinvent your printer management with 3manager

With an easy-to-use interface, 3manager simplifies operations and enhances decision-making. It studies multi-brand printers' usage, suggests optimal setups, and manages supplies intelligently to reduce costs. But what truly sets us apart is the powerful reporting capabilities.


Get real-time updates and professional reports at your fingertips, making your meetings more productive.

As one of our customers shared, "3manager excels with its exceptional sales module and reliable performance across 10 countries."

Join the printer management revolution. Experience the power of simplicity with 3manager

"Performance increased - Our budget didn't."
The Gold Coast City Council is the 2nd biggest local government in Australia and 3manager was the key ingredient for us to secure this contract.

The reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive reporting puts it head and shoulders above anything else on the market.

Docsol is a major supplier to Queensland Government, including Education and Health, and 3manager helps us manage many devices efficiently; it is highly recommended.

Document Solutions Australia

Alan Thomson
Managing Director

Mastering Supplies Management with 3manager

Streamline Your Operations and Reduce Costs with our Innovative Tool. Watch How in Our Video Below.






Integrating 3manager with Evatic unlocks a new level of productivity and profitability.

By streamlining service delivery, we provide you with real-time, actionable insights into your supply chain, enabling you to efficiently manage supplies and consumables while ensuring prompt order fulfillment.

Streamline Service Delivery

Enhance Productivity

Boost Profitability

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Designed to make printer management simple

With a data-driven approach, 3manager reduces time-consuming tasks related to printer management drastically. This means more time for making the right decisions rather than spending time analyzing data.

Keeping the printer fleet optimized at all time

Situations changes and what worked before might not work today. 3manager measures how printers are being used and recommends an ideal setup making decision-making easier and faster than ever.

+11.000 customers around the world

3manager was founded in 2009 by a group of printer consultants in Denmark, needing a tool able to create an overview of how printers were utilized, print volumes, expenses, contract obligations, and most importantly, identifying how to optimize the printer fleet.

In 2011 3manager started to be incorporated as a tool with many capabilities within the managed print services sector. 

By combining the consultative approach with printer management a very effective tool was born.

Besides providing the fundamental functionality to manage printers, 3manager MPS tools also help partners understanding their printer fleet in a whole new way, by providing business insights and trends giving them the ability to track printing behavior on the fly.

Today 3manager is used by office equipment dealers, printer consultants, and end-users all over the world, to manage printers in an effective way. 


The goal is to make printer management services as automated as possible, intelligent, and simple to use. ​

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